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At some point, we all suffer a case of insomnia, which can be brought about by stress or even your dietary choices. While stress relief is different for everyone, our eating habits can be changed to help reduce those sleepless nights.

 Most busy people will start with something sugary and a cup or two of coffee to get the day started and then eat when they can during, finally finishing with a big meal before finishing up any late-night work. To help those busy insomniacs we have put together four tips to help you fight insomnia.  

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Start your day with a wholegrain cereal topped with milk or maybe even some fruit. Stay away from sugar in the mornings as this will only reduce your energy during the day.

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Protein-based foods, which are rich in amino acids, help to boost the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This will encourage your body to sleep later on in the day. Things like chicken, milk, nuts and seeds are great sources when combined with rice, pasta or potatoes.

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Don’t completely stop drinking coffee as this will have negative effects on your body. Gradually reduce your intake with fewer cups or maybe even decaffeinated brands or caffeine free teas.

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While introducing relaxation and exercise into your day will help to manage and reduce your stress levels, when it comes to night time there is one thing your really have to do. Always avoid using computers or digital devices in the evening, especially in reduced light. This is due to the increased direct light, which has a stimulating effect and reduces the chance of natural sleep. 

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