Their iridescence and luminosity have enchanted for millennia. This time lets find what stories from time to time of this jewel of the sea shares to us.

Potent Potion

Cleopatra is believed to have owned two of the biggest and most expensive natural pearls in history. She dropped one of them in a glass of wine and drank it to win a bet.

Black Beauty

Cultured pearls also come in black and metallic grey colours. called Tahitian pearls, they’re cultivated around the islands of french Polynesia, primarily Tahiti.

Epic Swap

Tycoon Morton plant sold his five-storey mansion on new york’s 52nd street to Pierre Cartier in 1917 for a double strand pearl necklace and us$100. it’s now known as the Cartier building

Perfect Blush

A coveted variety of pearl resists human intervention to this day. All attempts to culture the conch pearl, famed for its pink colour, have failed and it remains the most precious pearl in the world.

(Text by Charlene Co) 

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