Looking for the right apartment at the right price with all the required amenities can be quite the hassle. Finding one at the right price comes close to being impossible. Several companies are now offering flexible cohabitation programmes. While the concept is not entirely new, it recently found a new wave of popularity.

WeWork, a six-year old co-working startup that provides shared office spaces, is one such company that recently entered the coliving industry. The company’s newest endeavour is WeLive, which puts a twist on apartment living. With flexible monthly leases, and communal spaces, WeLive aims to provide apartments with much more value at market rates. Apartment units range from studios to three bedrooms, accommodating a variety of potential residents. WeLive has started operating in two locations: Arlington and New York City.

Within a WeLive apartment exists an entire community. There is a communal kitchen, bar, laundry room, TV area, yoga studio and a mini-convenience store—all owned by WeWork. Apartment units come fully furnished with essentials like furniture, television, refrigerator, and even linen and towels, making the transition for new residents as hassle-free as possible.

Many of the residents are newcomers to the city in their 20s and 30s. A lot of the residents in WeLive’s New York City location work in spaces provided WeWork. The prospect of moving in is made much more exciting with plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

In an interview with CNN, Miguel McKelvey, co-founder of WeWork, said he has high hopes of residents coming together as close-knit communities—through the various facilities and communal living space in the apartments. At WeLive, McKelvey believes that people come together under the premise that “being together is more meaningful than being apart”. There are coordinated activities that all residents can take part in like dinners or fitness classes, with the key being creating shared experiences for the residents.

Other companies are also offering flexible coliving programmes. Roam describes itself as an international network of living spaces. Residents who sign a lease with Roam get to hop between various locations like London, Miami and Madrid. Unsettled fuels people’s need for the unknown, something different and exciting, and their wanderlust. The company offers one-month coliving leases in various locations like Bali and Buenos Aires. Unsettled co-founder Jonathan Kalan told CNNMoney that everyone should embrace the feeling of being unsettled, as it is the time that they are most receptive to new ideas.


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