Mummy to arguably the two most famous French bulldogs in Jakarta, Shalvynne Chang’s impeccable fashion sense has long caught the eyes of her many admirers—from her time as a cameo to leading actress to Indonesia Tatler cover girl and social media star.

No matter where she is in the world, the avid traveller is always ready to dazzle. With travelling being one of her biggest passions, Shalvynne—along with more than 50,000 followers on Instagram—is always excitedly looking forward to her next adventure. Whether she’s braving one of the coldest winters in Geneva or strolling through graffiti-covered alleys of Melbourne, Shalvynne seems to always have the perfect outfit. Paired with a smile that could light up the room, it is not difficult to see why so many are such big fans of hers. 

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Sunny Saturday

A cheery Shalvynne looking snug in a navy blue cape coat, tawny thigh high boots, white cloche hat and a bright, patterned scarf. Completing the ensemble is a Celine light brown handbag.

 Night In The Town

For a night in the town, Shalvynne has gone with a black on black ensemble that is made up of a black long sleeve top, pleather pants, and a long coat. The front twist headband and maroon bag  add  a welcome pops of colour.

 Twenties Glam

Shalvynne looking like she would fit right in a 1920s dinner party in this most glamourous dress. The vintage hairtstyle, headband, and red lipstick look like they were made for her.

 Taking Over Tokyo

Not many would be able to pull off a candid shot so stylishly. The beige coat, brown top and dark brown leather boots come together harmoniously, complemented nicely by the white pants and handbag.

 Heart Full Of Joy

Sometimes all you need is a cool pair of shades, two-tone leather jacket, and a bright backdrop to make your day better. 

 Matching With Your Best Friend

Shalvynne makes it look easy to pose elegantly on a flight of stairs. The matching grey top and pants are complemented by a matching front twist headband and light grey heels. Coco looks just as fabulous in her grey buttoned up coat.

 Melbourne Vibes

Shalvynne proves yet again that she is able to pull off just about any hat: this time a dark blue wide brim with maroon accents. The bright blue Saint Laurent handbag stands out against the dark ensemble of jacket, pants and wedge boots.

Simply Charming

Shalvynne shows that a smile truly is the best accessory, as she demonstrates here in a white graphic tee.

Ringing In The New Year

Shalvynne rings in the new year in a bright red qi pao with floral patterns and  stiletto heels.

Cover Girl

Shalvynne graced the cover of Indonesia Tatler December 2016 issue. Here is one of the pictures from the shoot with Shalvynne decked out in fabulous Fendi paired with jewellery by Cartier.

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