Farah Khan, the luxe ready-to-wear label in Malaysia, has released Farah Khan Couture to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Creative Director Dato’ Seri Dr Farah Khan is also the President and Founder of The Melium Group, a leading luxury fashion and lifestyle company in Malaysia.

Here, Farah Khan exclusively shares the philosophy of her signature collection with Indonesia Tatler. For Farah, the most important element in Couture is not the dress itself but the woman wearing it.

“At Farah Khan, we take the needs and desires of our clientele veryseriously,” she says. “A Couture piece is not  just something that sits in your wardrobe—it is a commitment, a fashion moment and abeautiful memory  of an exquisite night. A Couture dress has a deep emotional quotient and we understand that very well.”

A decade ago, Farah launched the label because she sensed a real lack in the beautifully embellished eveningwear market segment. The brand has been internationally recognised before the Couture collection debuted three seasons ago at the Marrakech show in 2015.

Farah admits that this was a turning point for the brand.

Couture was seriously undertaken in the European format by showing finely curated collections biannually to select valued customers. So far, the shows have been held internationally in Marrakech, Versailles, Cannes, London and Jakarta.

For each collection, Farah presents 20-30 one-off pieces that are constructed with the finest materials.

Farah, whose favourite designer is Azzedine Alaïa, believes that a woman who desires a Couture ensemble knows a brand’s aesthetic and appreciates it.

“She loves the sumptuousness of intricate embroidery, delicate beading, embellishments, silks and satins, feather and fur trim,” Farah said. Thus, it is no surprise that a Couture dress can be secured by appointment only.

International clients come from London, Paris, Los Angeles, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia. Clients, upon viewing the collection, immediately place their orders.

Farah always makes sure to be fully involved from the first meeting to understand her client’s requirements. At least there will be two meetings to discuss the measurements and modifications.

“The whole process of finishing a Couture dress normally takes two to three months, which is handled by my highly experienced team,” Farah explains.

If necessary, alterations may be made for size and length. In the event of slight adjustments—for example, changing a deep V-neckline to a round neck—these can be taken into account especially in light of the fact that a significant number of the clientele hails from the Middle East where there are sometimes special requirements for clothing and discretion.

Regarding Couture dressmaking: “It is not a process we want to rush; it is fundamental that the client is truly pleased with her piece so we encourage clients to place their orders as early as possible,” Farah says.  “The first rule of Couture is that it simply will not be rushed.”

For special occasions like weddings, Farah can design a special piece for the bride. One such piece that is particularly memorable is a gorgeous Sakura-inspired gown in silverblue that was intricately made of individually sewn-blooms for a Japanese client for her wedding.

Thousands of delicate pieces of fabric were carefully shaped in the form of iconic blooms brought into a masterpiece.

In truth, a Couture dress is a story, a narrative. There is an idea behind every Couture piece. Each dress is an experience and every detail is considered.

Today, Couture is the star of the Farah Khan constellation, and the idea of art has been taken to a new level of artisanal craftsmanship.

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