Photo:  Courtesy of Dior 

Brought to you by Dior, Diorever is a lifestyle bag that fits your needs with reliability and beauty. Each one takes a whole day to bring to life and is made with only the finest-quality leather by expert craftsmen.

 The Diorever took nine months to design, which led to a stylish and luxurious creation. Each bag’s interior is as well crafted, as is the exterior, with great care taken over each stitch and pocket. All six of the magnets used to give extra security are fixed and covered leather, which offers a contrast of colour.

The overall shape is modelled by hand as the craftsmen sculpture the finished bag to perfection. This means only the upmost care and refinement when creating the finished product.

 Coming in a range of sizes, colours and leathers the Diorever can be personalised to the wearer’s needs be they a busy day at the office, or something lighter with friends—the Diorever will perfectly suit your luxury needs.  

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Photo:  Courtesy of Dior 


Photo:  Courtesy of Dior 


Photo:  Courtesy of Dior 

The Diorever features an adjustable or removal strap with a “D” buckle, which allows for a range of styles to go with your lifestyle and day. In addition, a magnetic tab offers extra security along with an extra hidden compartment and three extra pockets for personal items. If you are looking for a bag for everyday needs or something a little more audacious for your urban nightlife, then you’ve found your perfect match.

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