Okay, I think we all know the risks here: the potential for cardigan-based fashion suicide. But isn’t the inherent fuddy duddy OAP-ness of a cardy exactly the appeal?

For if you can pull off wearing an oversized, chunky knit cardigan over a gown, then you really have scaled the ranks of sartorial stardom. This look gets five stars in the cool girl nonchalance department.

Dior showed us how it’s done perfectly with their latest collection, and Italian newcomer Alanui has some excellent Navajo-inspired threads on offer.

Nervous to wear one to your next white tie gathering? Start by throwing a cardy over a summer dress or belting a svelte number over jeans and heels.

One thing’s for certain: the cardigan will reign again. Browse the gallery below for proof:



Prabal Gurung

(Text by: Chloe Street)

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