Favourite lipstick shade

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Everyone who knows me knows I’m not afraid of colour. When I was young, I definitely preferred red on my lips. Now that I’m older, I like aubergine, burgundy and darker colours.

Must-have beauty product

Photo: Courtesy of Make Up For Ever

My first launch with the brand is this amazing, highly pigmented lip product called Artist Acrylip. I love wearing shade 401.

Top beauty hack

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If I’m doing a long-lasting look, I will use a lip liner all over my lip before applying the lipstick.

Favourite city for beauty discoveries

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What do you always have in your handbag?

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Moisturiser, mascara and a nude lipstick.

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Most underrated beauty product

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Papaw Ointment. It’s amazing.

Favourite smells

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Mum and dad’s house. The smell of the trees and the outside when it’s rained the night before and the sun comes out the next morning. The man I fancy.

Who are your beauty inspirations?

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One of them is Gwen Stefani.


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